Mr. DeLine’s career has a unique blend of acumen in management, financial, process and organizational development, all within the marketing industry (advertising, creative services and branding). His experiences include both in-house corporate departments and full service advertising/marketing agencies. Achieving the most out of associate performance, marketing budgets and/or improving company profits are his strengths.

Shortly after graduating from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Telecommunications (Mass Media), he managed advertising for a regional Midwest and Florida retail store chain. He led an effective team controlling costs and contributing to the company’s meager profits, during the recession. The company’s revenues were $240 million.

Mr. DeLine moved to manage production at a regional B2B advertising agency, in Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city. He established prudent agency procedures and effective production techniques, to ensure profitability.

Amway Corporation acquired Mr. DeLine, to assist in building a new Corporate Merchandising department, under the Corporate Marketing division. Here, he established the department’s operating procedures and financial controls. Using his branding expertise and national resources, he assisted in the global branding of all product categories and the launch of two new product lines. He was a member of a 22-disciplinary team to expand Amway’s global presence. Amway’s gross sales grew from $1.9 to $6.4 billion, during his eight years with the company.

The next step in Mr. DeLine’s career, was taking on a large metro-Detroit advertising agency’s satellite office operation. He took this failing division from negative 12% profit margin to a positive 46%. His methodology included staff reductions, process efficiencies, establishing financial metrics and revising the company’s organizational structure. The agency’s client roster included Sears, Kmart and The Home Depot. He also implemented his brand strategy to retain this formidable client base. Company revenue exceeded $45 million, with operations in Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta. Mr. DeLine later in his tenure, transferred to the Atlanta, Georgia facility.

Mr. DeLine honed his web skill sets by teaching himself HTML and CSS coding, he provides eCommerce development, user experience (UX) and web design for several clients.

After spending a year in the San Francisco Bay area, interviewing and visiting several start-up companies, Mr. DeLine returned to Atlanta. This time in California allowed him to understand the multitude of needs and diverse cultures from start-ups to major tech players, learning they’re no different than any other industry.

A coach in business and by trade, Mr. DeLine has a strong belief in “if the people grow, the company will grow.” Associate motivation, training and rewards are all part of his management toolbox. Outside of work, he has a passion for coaching College and High School rowing clubs. His legacy includes High School National Champions, Olympic athletes, college scholarships and athletes that went on to coach major Universities and prep schools that feed Ivy League college teams. As a strong advocate of education, he also was a substitute teacher for an Atlanta private intercity Christian school.

The J. Frost Group is Mr. DeLine’s consulting company providing clients with marketing, advertising, and creative services operational efficiencies. The company also provides branding, project management, print, web and broadcast production services. Mr. DeLine has been the technical director for a nascent theater production company, contributing his business, creative and production talents. He also performs as a sound technician for his church band.

Currently, Mr. DeLine is project managing at a leading online banking software company. Here he coordinates multiple internal departments and works directly with banks to implement the latest bill pay technology for consumers, small businesses and person-to-person payments. He received 4 out of 4 customer satisfaction rating.

Mr. DeLine provides companies with several consulting options such as: process improvements, writing and formatting SOPs, presentation skills, product implementations, and Practical Project Management.